Bone of our bones and flesh of our flesh, in deep love for our neighbour and for each of us, on this day of the week, You underwent the trials of this world and entered into the infinity of suffering that all humanity endures.

Open our consciousness to the anxiety of those near at hand and the plight of others who are far afield.

May You find in us, a voice to speak for the voiceless, a defender to bring comfort to the victimized, and an advocate for the powerless.

May we turn whatever skill You have lent us over to your Purposes.

Help us to free those imprisoned behind positions of power and politics, behind the steel bars of fear and public opinion, and behind the sealed doors of traditions and tombs.

Liberate us and raise us up into the great Commonwealth of your Church for your Glory and the good of all people. Amen.


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 (read by Bob Jones)

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