Welcome to our new web site. We hope you take time to click around and get used to a new format.

Have a look at the Directory.

Click on “People and Positions” and you will have access to information about ministry personnel and lay delegates.  You will also find who is serving in all the conference positions and Presbyteries.  Wherever you see this  it means you can click on it and “open up” the Directory to more information.  Note that you can create a PDF of the information and save it to your computer or print it.

If your information is incorrect you  can let us know by using the “Click here if this persons information is incorrect.

Click on “Presbyteries and Pastoral Charges” and you have information on the Presbyteries.  You will also find contact information for every pastoral charge.


Spend Some Time Searching for Resources

A second key area of our new site is Resources.  Here you will find forms, procedures, AVEL resources, mandates for the committees, and free resources produced by the committees.  There are many ways to search for just the right resource.  You can search by format, audience, subject, area or key word.  There is a cloud of words that instantly lets you see, by the size of the word, how many resources are filed under that word.


There is More!

Look for the Most Recent News on the main page.  Look to the top menu to find Notices, Vacancies, Committee News, Blogs, Links and other information.

You can register for the Annual Meeting.

In the centre of the main page you will find a slider of pictures.  You can click on these to look at key information.  You’ll also find links to the Prayers for the Day.

Look at the bottom of the page in the footer and you will find link to social media. Click on the icons and you can see us on Facebook, Twitter etc. You can sign up for newsletters. You can contact us.


And thanks …

… to former webminders, Don MacQueen, Garth Caseley and Roland Easter.  Much of your work is here.  You gave us web presence and we are grateful for your many hours of volunteer time.

We now have a “content management system” that we will manage out of the conference office.

We are grateful to Brad & Karen Trivers of SunriseWeb.ca who listened to our hopes and responded with a dynamic new site that offers us new ways of communicating and being in ministry in a changing world.

Visit on the site and be sure to leave us your feedback (see top menu under “connect”).