More generally known as a Treasurer, Church Extension Board is seeking the services of a financially savvy individual to take on the volunteer task of Treasurer.

Church Extension Board provides stewardship for the care, investment and loaning of a fund of monies to primarily pastoral charges within Halifax Presbytery for the enrichment and enhancement of their work.

The Treasurer is the key person responsible for the monthly deposits from 6-10 loan payments, the investment of available funds and the monthly accounting thereof.  Each year an external financial review is done and the treasurer is required to prepare a detailed Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss for the previous year and present it to the Annual Meeting near the end of March.  MYOB computerized software is currently being used but that could change to suit the treasurer’s preference.

The investment of funds is ultra conservative and is focused on protection of the capital, mostly bonds and GIC’s.  Consideration does need to be given to the forecasting of loan requirements 3 years in advance to ensure that funds are available as necessary.

CEB meets fewer than four times per year and generally considers only 2 or 3 applications annually.

If you or someone you know has a talent for accounting and investing we’d love to hear from you.

Contact Vern Clarke