Wesley United, East Port Medway

Wesley United, 2010

Mill Village was a Methodist circuit in 1855 and included the appointments of East Port Medway, Mill Village, Medway, and Volger’s Cove. In June 1903, Simeon Cohoon donated a piece of land in East Port Medway to erect a new Methodist church. A Methodist church building had been constructed some 70 years earlier but the building was in a state of bad repair. Under the leadership of Rev. Shepherdson, the members of the church donated their time and money to construct the new building. The dedication of the church took place on January 31, 1904 with a large crowd in attendance at the morning, afternoon, and evening services. The Wesleyan (Vol. LIX, No. 8. February 24, 1904) describes the services held in the afternoon and evening:

The afternoon service “was followed by a delightful communion service, participated in by the three ministers and a large number of the people. It was a hallowed season, and some as they bowed at the table of their Lord wept tears of joy. In the evening, encouraged by a full moon, and the mildness of the night, such a multitude gathered that the preacher, Rev. Mr. Shepherdson, hardly had standing room and still many failed to gain admission, some who were present having walked a distance of five miles. The evening sermon was based upon Rom. 1.16. The offerings of the day were exceedingly liberal, aggregating a little over one hundred dollars. This in the face of the poor fisheries speaks volumes for the generosity of the people.”

 In 1926, after church union, the church in East Port Medway became known as Wesley United and was an appointment in the Mill Village Pastoral Charge. In 1939 the United Church congregations of Beach Meadows, Brooklyn, East Port Medway and Mill Village were amalgamated with the Brooklyn Pastoral Charge (South Shore Presbytery). Wesley United was decommissioned in 2008.

Wesley United Church, East Port Medway

Wesley United Church, East Port Medway, ca. 1950s