In 2009 the 40th General Council affirmed the participation and ministry of transgender people within The United Church of Canada and supporting their civil and human rights. In 2012 the General Council Executive acknowledged the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity, and unanimously affirmed that gender identity is not a barrier to membership and ministry in The United Church of Canada.

To help in living out this commitment a ‘Trans Network’ is being created for United Church transgender people. (transgender: anyone whose perceived gender or assigned sex conflicts with their gender identity)

This confidential “Trans Network” is being created for trans people to:

*  make new friends and get to know one another in a safe online network

*  share stories

*  learn about upcoming events

*  hear the latest news about the exciting things happening in the United Church of Canada around transgender issues

*  receive invitations to be part of new working groups as they are formed

*  volunteer to lead workshops in local congregations

*  . . . and more!


To become a member of the Trans Network, just send your name, email address, and how you identify, to Jordan Sullivan FTM.   Download the poster – Trans Network Invitation