Meggin King, Truro Presbytery

In response to your four questions:

1. What did I like best? Being immersed in the “UCC culture”, surrounded by UCC folk from across Canada.

2. What part of GC was most important?  Building relationship through both business and social gatherings.

3.  What part of GC moved me in a special way? Seeing the video of transgendered clergywoman Ruth Wood. I knew Ruth when she was Terry. I was a bridesmaid 35 years ago when Terry married Anne, and I had no idea that Terry was now Ruth. It moved me to tears.

4. What part of GC could I have left out and still had everything I needed? Hm… that’s a hard one… Honestly I think all parts of it were necessary, and I hope very much that I might have the opportunity to go to another GC at some time (this was my first).

Art Buck, Chignecto Presbytery

I find it difficult to answer the first 3 ,as…I was pleased to learn more of how the GC functions but very discouraged to witness just how much effort is being put into the Governance of our Church, considering the diminishing numbers of both Charges and attendees.

Otherwise it was an eye opening experience, and one would be better prepared the second time around…I was glad to have had the opportunity to attend