Godly Play – Extended Workshop

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MARCH 15-16 at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Fredericton, NB

6pm-9pm on Friday & 9am-4:30pm on Saturday

 $25 Registration – PLEASE BRING YOUR LUNCH

 This workshop is for participants who have a bit of background in Godly Play.  These workshop will enable participants to return to their church settling (or home, hospital or nursing home) ready to lead a Godly Play session.

Participants will:

  • Be equipped with the basics of Godly Play including an experience of a full session.
  • Have opportunities for participants to experience and practice the two adult roles: Storyteller and Doorperson
  • Be grounded in a basic understanding:of the Godly Play environment, of supporting the circle of children, of the flow of a session, of the spirituality of children

Leadership: Janice MacLean & Anne Pirie, Godly Play Canada Trainers.  

  • Godly Play is a creative approach to nurturing children’s faith – helping children become more fully aware of the mystery of God’s presence in their lives.
  •  Godly Play also appeals to adults who want to wonder about God!
  •  Godly Play is a method of storytelling using hand-crafted materials so that children see, hear and have the opportunity to physically engage core Bible stories.
  •  Godly Play contains wondering questions that provide the opportunity for children to think about the story and wonder what it means.
  •  Godly Play teaches children the art of using religious language – parable, sacred story, silence and liturgical action.
  •  Godly Play can be used in a variety of settings – church, home, hospitals and care homes for the elderly.
  •  Godly Play is rooted in Montessori tradition, developed over 30 years by Dr. Jerome Berryman and is based on tried and tested approaches.

To Register Contact
Janice MacLean  –  EMAIL or Phone 506 536 1334 ext.4

Registration is limited.

 $25 Registration – PLEASE BRING YOUR LUNCH

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