AVEL programs for Advent Studies:

  • Advent Calendar on DVD: 25 mini-documentaries (3-4 min) taking viewers on an entertaining journey through the meaning behind the symbols and traditions of Advent and Christmas. (for the whole family)
  • Nativity: the art and spirit of the Crèche: (DVD; 30 mins) The Nativity scene depicted in history, art, and spirituality, as embraced by cultures around the world. A good program for junior/senior high students, and other small groups.
  • Victory and Peace or Justice and Peace featuring John Dominic Crossan: a four-session study exploring these subjects: what is the character of your god; the content of your faith; the purpose of your prayer; and the function of your church. (for adult study groups)
  • Countering Pharaoh’s Production-Consumption Society Today featuring Walter Brueggemann: a five-session study exploring our society’s nature of consumerism. (for adult study groups)


  • The Story of the Selfish Giant: a Christmas Parable (25 minutes)
  • Bedbug Bible Gang Christmas Show (27 minutes)
  • Barrington Bunny (8 minutes)
  • The King is Born (Animated Stories from the New Testament) (30 minutes)
  • Go Look in the Manger / The Candy Maker’s Christmas
  • A Fruitcake Christmas (60 minutes)
  • Martin and the Heavenly Tree (23 minutes)
  • Three Christmas Classics (appx 25 min each): Christmas Is ; The City that Forgot about Christmas; and The Stableboy’s Christmas


  • A Different Kind of Christmas (DVD with leader guide): this five-session study helps us see the traps and discontentment of consumerism and the call of God to live generously. (United Methodist Publishing)
  • Thrill of Hope: the Christmas Story in Word and Art (DVD and study guide) this study is divided into six one hour sessions with a 7-minute video for each chapter. Each video features a passage of a Scripture, commentary by the scholars, and a work of art based on that passage. Included are:  A Visit (Luke 1:26-38); The Nativity (Luke 2:1-7); The Shepherds (Luke 2:8-20); Epiphany ((Matthew 2:1-12); Presentation in the Temple (Luke 2:21-40); Flight into Egypt (Matthew 2:13-15)
  •  Spiritual Literacy produced by Spirituality and Practice: This series consists of 26 meditative and soul-stirring half-hour films (on 6 DVDs, 4-5 sessions on each), based on Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat’s bestselling book Spiritual Literacy: Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life.
  • Embracing a Life of Meaning (DVD and Participant workbook) a five-session study with Kathleen Norris, facilitated by Tim Scorer. Kathleen Norris is an award-winning poet, writer and author. Her work is intimate and historical, rich in poetry and meditations, brimming with exasperation and reverence, deeply grounded in both nature and spirit, sometimes funny and often provocative.