by Stephen Mills

Money continues to flow in support of the new Maritime Conference Centre and Archives facility.

More than three hundred thousand dollars has been donated or pledged to date for the new building in Sackville, New Brunswick.  Conference staff is settled into new offices, the archives is fully operational, and conference and community groups are making good use of meeting and worship space.

David Hewitt, executive secretary of Maritime Conference, noted that the campaign target of $3 million is being tackled on three fronts.

“The first million is being raised internally by the conference,” he said.” The fundraising committee is now visiting presbytery meetings seeking to increase the number of conference members who have made a donation or a pledge.”

Each member of a presbytery is being asked to consider giving a gift and to find one other person in their pastoral charge who would do the same.

Jennifer Bolt of Red Letter Philanthropy, the company engaged to manage the campaign, said, “major donors respond best to appeals that have already been credibly supported by the people directly involved. This is why it is crucial that the first million be realized as soon as possible.”

The committee is hopeful the second million can be realized by approaching people in the Maritimes with a record of giving large donations to worthy causes.

“There appears to be a growing resonance among the philanthropic group with the contributions the United Church has made to Canadian society over the years, and the impact and influence of the United Church among the communities of the Maritimes,” Hewitt noted,

The third million will be raised through legacy gifts, which is money given in memory of a particular person or cause.  “A family may pledge to raise $25,000 in memory of a cherished ancestor, or a congregation will raise $50,000 in honour of a former minister,” Hewitt said.  These gifts can be recognized with the naming of a room or space in the new facility.

Donations can be made to the campaign through the Conference office, and the executive is available to answer any question or concerns.