Springhill Methodist Circuit Annual Report, 1912-1913Beginning in the 1840s, Springhill was an appointment on the Parrsboro Methodist Circuit. In 1858, a Methodist congregation was organized at Miller Corner and a church was built in 1863. Then, realizing that the town would be built farther to the east the building was sold and a new church was built at the corner of Princess and Main Streets in 1874.  Springhill became a separate Methodist circuit in 1874. In 1882, it was felt that a more central location was needed and land was purchased and the church was moved to the present Main Street site. In 1913 this building was torn down and a new building erected and dedicated in 1914.  It was named Wesley Methodist. In 1925, all Methodist and Congregational Churches and a majority of Presbyterian Churches in Canada were merged to create the United Church of Canada. Wesley Methodist Church thus became Wesley United Church.

The Presbyterian Church in Springhill was organized in1874 after a meeting on May 3, 1874 between Truro Presbytery and Presbyterians in the area. The first building was erected in 1878 on land on Church Street donated by John Anderson. A second building was opened in1884. The church became known as Maple Grove Church because of the many maples on the property. When the church outgrew this building, land on McFarlane Street was purchased from John Anderson and a new structure was completed in1885. It was named St. Andrew’s.  The newly formed Baptist Church purchased the former church and its furnishings. The St. Andrew’s church building suffered from a fire in 1947. In 1925, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church joined The United Church of Canada and became St. Andrew’s United Church.

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

St. Andrew's Wesley Anniversary Hymn

Sheet music for St. Andrew’s Wesley Anniversary Hymn

On January 1, 1964, Wesley United Church and St. Andrew’s United Church amalgamated to become St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church and used the former Wesley United Church as their home.

Southampton amalgamated with Springhill on 29 January 2004 to become South Spring Pastoral Charge. This pastoral charge was disbanded in 2011 and Southampton and Springhill once again became separate pastoral charges.


To see a listing of records from Springhill Pastoral Charge held at the Maritime Conference Archives, click on the link below:

Springhill Pastoral Charge records