Youth Ministry Network
by Ali Smith

A newly formed Youth Ministry Network of Maritime Conference will be welcomed by anyone interested in building meaningful relationships with youth in congregations and the community.

“The Youth Ministry Network stems from an initiative by Maritime Conference’s Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministry after the Tatamagouche Center put on a youth ministry event last year,” says Annika Sangster, Co-Coordinator of the Network, “Really, the reasons for starting the network are the same old reasons: to share resources, ideas and information.”

The Network met for the first time from October 12 to 14 at Tatamagouche Centre at an event called “Go Deeper.”  There were about 20 participants, consisting of paid youth ministers, volunteer youth group leaders, clergy, and other church folk who are struggling to develop meaningful programming for their youth.

Doris Kizinna, the Minister for Youth, Young Adults and Leaders in British Columbia Conference and a well regarded trainer of youth ministers, led participants’ reflection on the importance of youth ministry in our Maritime churches.  It was a great opportunity for friends and colleagues doing the same kind of work to connect with one another.

Participants left the fall gathering with new tools for their work as well as a renewed motivation.  Provincial youth ministry groups formed for New Brunswick and Nova Scotia plan to meet a few times per year.  The Network as a whole will likely continue to gather annually.

A forum is in the works to be launched in January allowing members to share ideas and resources for games and worship, post notices of upcoming events, and discuss topics like building relationships with youth and duty of care.

If you would like to register for the Youth Ministry Network, be sure to visit the Youth Ministry Registration site.