The pastoral care team at First United Church, Bathurst NB registered for the Family Ministry Project. They are sending an email to every family who had a child baptized in the church in the last few years. “It’s a way to connect,” said the Rev. Blair Lewis, minister of the congregation.

The sons and daughters of the members of the North Highland Pastoral Charge have moved away to live and find work. They come home in the summer. They bring their children back for baptism. To reach out to them during Lent and Easter, the congregation is signed up for the Lent Family Ministry Project, shares minister, The Rev. Margie Wood.

Offered to congregations as a way of reaching out to young families, the Family Ministry Lent Project will provide suggestions for “Forty Days of Getting Ready.”  The GETTING READY Jar or Box will contain prayers, actions, conversation starters, graces and other creative suggestions that will fit into the rhythm of everyday life.

It offers families an intentional pause in the midst of the days of Lent to focus on relationships with family, friends, neighbours, earth and animals.

Easily accessed from our web site with ability to download, save and print, congregations will only have to send the link and password and families will have everything they need for forty days of getting ready for the Mystery of Easter.

This resource may also be used in Sunday Schools.  There are also suggestions for Congregational family ministry gatherings and special resources for Holy Week. Individuals may also register and share the link with children and grandchildren “from away.”

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The Family Ministry Ministry Project 2013 Team is: Annika Sangster, Alison Etter, Mary MacPherson, Michael Mugford, Janice Frame,Connie McNamara-Doucette, and Janice MacLean.

For more information contact Janice MacLean.