The McCully Pastoral Charge is located in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia.

 Methodist Circuit baptisms

Nappan Methodist Circuit baptisms

Nappan was part of the Amherst Methodist circuit but became a separate circuit in 1869. A man by the name of William Pipes held some of the first Methodist services in Nappan. In 1812 a union church was erected at Nappan in which the Methodist congregation was a part. Almost 50 years later, in 1854, the Methodists built their own church and in 1869 a parsonage. A new church building, which would later become Nappan United, was dedicated on 21 January 1912. A Methodist church was opened in Maccan in 1876 and a Methodist church dedicated in Fenwick in 1903. In 1925, all Methodist churches became part of the United Church of Canada.

The name of Nappan Pastoral Charge was changed to Nappan-Maccan in 1944 and the name was changed once again in 1988 to Nappan-Maccan-Fenwick Pastoral Charge. Preaching points were at Fenwick, Nappan, Chignecto and Maccan. A new United Church was erected in Fenwick in 1954. Services at Maccan ceased in 1994-1995.

Fenwick-Upper Nappan Young People's Union minutes, Sept. 20, 1954

Fenwick-Upper Nappan Young People’s Union minutes, Sept. 20, 1954

On September 1, 2009, Nappan-Maccan-Fenwick Pastoral Charge amalgamated with Brookdale (formerly of Cumberland Pastoral Charge) to became McCully Pastoral Charge.

For a listing of McCully Pastoral Charge fond records held at the Maritime Conference Archives, click on the following link:

McCully Pastoral Charge records listing

Nappan United congregational meeting, June 27, 1935

Nappan United congregational meeting minutes, June 27, 1935