Lent Perspectives
By Janice MacLean

What do you get when a photographer, a musician, a liturgist, a theologian, an artist and a scientist  get together on a Sunday afternoon on an on-line meeting space?

It’s not a joke!  It is a recipe for magnificent possibility.

The 2013 Lent Email Retreat is taking shape as each one, from their unique perspective, digs into the Farewell Conversations in John’s Gospel, chapters 13-18. Not your ordinary Bible Study, this group will offer you everything from thoughtful reflections to art mediations, from photographs to original songs and  new prayers.

Here are the themes for each week in Lent:

  1. Sacraments of Community
  2. Hiddenness in Humanity
  3. Presence in Simple Acts
  4. Preparation for Real Life
  5. Love is the Only Way
  6. Departure from the Script.

When you have a photographer, a musician, a liturgist, a theologian, an artist and a scientist I wondered, “what can I be?” So I have decided to be ‘mystic editor’ and will shape their contributions into email retreats that will offer us windows to gaze upon the Wisdom Jesus in John’s Gospel and reflect deeply on our own spiritual journey and day-to-day life.

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Meet the team.

Robyn Brown Hewitt

Robyn Brown Hewitt, Liturgust





Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson, Artist

Nathan Beeler

Nathan Beeler, Musician

Gord Williams

Gord Williams, Photographer

David Fleming

David Fleming, Scientist









Wendy Kean, Theologian