Creation-time Retreat Fall 2013 . Returning to Our Senses 

Look, listen, touch, smell, and taste your way through the Season of Creation.  We will attune our senses and be guided by the poetry of Francis of Assisi in “Canticle of the Sun” to help us draw closer to Creation and Creator during these 5 weeks.

Your weekly email will  include a reading, prayer, reflection, a musical invitation, and invite you to a practice.

Facilitated by Laura Hunter, Maritime Conference Minister for Justice & Stewardship.

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Advent Personal eRetreat 2013 : Presence Through the Arts

The Advent spiritual journey invites us to PAY ATTENTION, NOTICE SHADOWS, SEE ALL THINGS NEW and FOLLOW LOVE’S BECKONING. In a time of transition, personal or in community, we can look to these practices to offer us a deeper experience of the journey.

In this creative take on Advent we turn to artists, ancient and new, to help guide us into the Mystery of Christmas.

You will receive four email retreats offering reflection, prayer and practices.

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Advent Adult Study 2013  An eResource for Small Groups. Give Presence!

Spiritual Practices in the Isaiah Readings
This Advent we read four beautiful poems from the prophet Isaiah. Each one offers a vivid and inviting image for the spiritual life. We will spend time with each one and discover at least one practice to help us pause and prepare for the Mystery of Christmas.

You will receive:

  • an easily downloadable 7-10 minute audio pod-cast or brief  written article which reflects on the Isaiah poem or introduces a spiritual practice for the week;
  • a printable group process for the leader(s) with suggestions for centring, prayers and questions or prompts for conversation;
  • Participant handouts you can photocopy for the group;
  • access to an Introductory on-line seminar assisting you with downloading resources and answering your questions about the study.

You will receive an email with a link and password to a web page where you will find everything you need to lead this study with your small group.

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Twelve Days of Christmas: Seasonings

Start the New Year with a list of twelve books, a collection of twelve delicious recipes, an assortment of  twelve heartfelt spiritual practices, and savour twelve blessings for the New Year.

During the Twelve Days of Christmas you will receive a daily email and meet an interesting person who will share their recommendations and talk about their choices. The emails begin December 26 through January 6.

Come back soon for a list of the twelve participants!

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Lent eRetreat 2014: Gifts of Celtic Spirituality


Lent Adult Study  2014: The Psalms: Doorway into Prayer


All the Way to Pentecost 2014: Spiritual Deepening for Godly Play Storytellers & Doorpersons




The Rev. Dr. Linda Yates Offers a Workshop on her Research

November 7, 2013 at the Maritime Conference Centre. More details to come.

The only constant is change seems an understatement in this strange church times.  All change involves some level of acceptance of loss which creates a situation of mourning.  How congregations, clergy and congregants move through this mourning to make positive change is connected to how they understand life unfolding as story.  Worldview is key.  Key findings from this research include:

1)  Despite research suggesting congregations find their “story,” and lead with it, there are often two stories at play and congregations need to move through their secondary  story in order to make change.

2)  Congregants are not nearly attached to buildings as clergy think they are.

3)  Making meaning of loss and thus moving through change involves recognition of one’s own worldview.

4)  Successful amalgamations involve matchmaking that recognizes a) the death of two congregations to birth another and 2) compatible worldviews.

To participate in this workshop you will be invited to take a Hopewell Worldview Test before hand and will be given the results at the meeting.