Congregational Records Listings in Archives

If you are reading this through the weekly newsletter you may have noticed that Sarah Wallace, our Archivist, occasionally posts “Congregational Listings.”

What is a “Congregational Listings?”

It is a record of all the “stuff” in the Archives from a pastoral charge.

Here are the listings from the Upsalquitch Pastoral Charge recently posted by Sarah. Read it here.

I asked Sarah what is “typical” in a Congregational listing.

Without missing a beat, she listed: “Registers. Records of Sessions. Photographs. Annual Reports. Record books from UCW or WMS and sometimes youth groups.” 

I asked her for an example of something “not typical.” She smiled and told me about the Diary of a Presbyterian Deaconness in 1924 who kept a record of her visits in the Joggins area. “It includes a little bit of gossip too.” Sarah smiled.

You can see it listed in the Cumberland Pastoral Charge listing.  View here.

Placing a record of the Congregational Records on-line is a massive project. Sarah is just beginning. You can find her Listings by visiting the Resource Page and looking for “Archives Listings” in the Subject search.

visitor to ArchivesYou are welcome to come and visit the Archives and read material from the holdings.

Archival space and an inviting  Research Room are two of the resources of the new building.

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