peacetrainposterIn these times when there is an ever-growing need to work for peace in the world, take part in an historic train trip from Berlin to Busan this fall, October 8 – 28th.  Even if you can’t travel in person, you can join the “Peace Train” initiative in a number of ways.

Here is a postcard message from Rev. Catherine Christie, UCC Overseas Personnel serving in Seoul, South Korea. 

Dear Friends in Maritime Conference, warmest Easter greetings from Seoul.

Finally the publicity for the Peace Train is ready. As this project takes place, we absolutely need Peace in the Korean Peninsula. The news is so terrible, but our daily life goes on without too much anxiety, but we continue to pray for Peace.

This trip will be amazing. We invite people to:

A. Make the trip.

B. Pray for it.

C. Support someone to go.

D. Follow the trip online during Oct.

My best thoughts with you all,

Blessings, Catherine

For more information on the Peace Train CLICK HERE.