Wondering What’s Happening Around Maritime Conference?

Presbyteries of Maritime Conference2

Here are ways to stay connected and get the information you need about what’s going on in Maritime Conference.

The Basics!

Every Presbytery sends a representative (usually the chair) to the Conference Executive meetings. Reports from those meetings will be given at Presbytery meetings. Make sure you get updates from your congregational representative to Presbytery.

Make that your Congregational representative to Presbytery (every congregation has at least one) has an opportunity to report about Presbytery and Conference happenings at every congregational and Board/Council meeting and at the occasional worship service.

email_updatesIf you have access to the internet, sign up for the weekly email by scrolling to the bottom of our web page and clicking on the envelope icon in the bottom right corner of the home page. Review this information when it arrives.

If you do not have access to the internet, please find someone who does (your church office?) and ask them to sign up for the weekly email from Conference and to share it with you. Talk about it together, and ask questions.

Optional, for those who have internet access:

Look for the “Connect with Us” icons at the bottom left corner of the www.marconf.ca home page and choose all the ways you want to connect with us:

  1. FACEBOOK: “Like” Maritime Conference, The United Church of Canada on Facebook.
  2. TWITTER: “Follow” @maritimeconf on Twitter.
  3. YOU TUBE: View the selection of videos on the Maritime Conference YouTube channel.
  4. PHOTOS ON FLICKR: View the selection of photographs on the Maritime Conference Flickr site.
  5. EMAIL staff