Service, November 21, 1976

Service, November 21, 1976

The Brookfield Pastoral Charge consists of the preaching points of Brookfield (Knox United Church) and Middle Stewiacke, Colchester County, Nova Scotia.

After the first settlers came to Middle Stewiacke in 1780, Presbyterian ministers in the Truro area occasionally visited the area. In 1793, a log church was built in Upper Stewiacke and families attended this church until 1812. The first minister to act as regular supply for the congregation was James Munro. Construction began on a new church building 1812 but it burned down soon after it was completed. Another building was built shortly after to replace it. This building was replaced by a larger church which was torn down in 1921. A new church was dedicated on March 19, 1922.

In 1812, Middle Stewiacke and the Musquodoboits were constituted as one Pastoral Charge, and in 1815 the Musquodoboits were formed as a separate Pastoral Charge.

One of the first sermons in the Brookfield and Middle Stewiacke area was delivered in 1800 by the Burgher Presbyterian preacher, Rev. John Waddell who was from Truro. For the next 30 years, Waddell continued to serve the Presbyterians in the area and on July 17, 1833 a church building was completed.

On October 15, 1870, a new Brookfield Presbyterian Church building was opened and this church was named Knox Presbyterian Church on January 28, 1889.

The Presbyterian congregation of Brookfield was the first congregation to separate from the Truro: First Presbyterian Pastoral Charge in 1832 and became a point on the Onslow Pastoral Charge along with Old Barns. Brookfield was separated from the Onslow Pastoral Charge and Middle Stewiacke was separated from the Upper Stewiacke Pastoral Charge (which had consisted of the points of Middle Stewiacke, Springside and Upper Stewiacke) in 1855. The two congregations united to form the Middle Stewiacke-Brookfield Pastoral Charge under the Truro Presbytery.

Brookfield Presbyterian congregational meeting minutes, December 28, 1887

Brookfield Presbyterian congregational meeting minutes, December 28, 1887

In 1889, the Brookfield Presbyterian congregation separated from Middle Stewiacke and formed a separate Pastoral Charge, but in 1896 the two congregations reunited into one Pastoral Charge.

During the 1890’s, services in Brookfield were conducted at Knox Presbyterian Church which also served Presbyterians in the communities of Alma, Brentwood, Brookfield, Cloverdale, Halfway Brook, Pleasant Valley and Upper Brookfield.

Hilden was added as a preaching point to the Brookfield-Middle Stewiacke Pastoral Charge in 1923. Hilden had previously been a Pastoral Charge with Harmony and North River.

In 1925, the Brookfield-Middle Stewiacke Presbyterian congregations entered into The United Church of Canada as the Brookfield-Middle Stewiacke Pastoral Charge of the Truro Presbytery.  The pastoral charge of Brookfield-Middle Stewiacke contained the preaching points of Middle Stewiacke, Knox United in Brookfield and Hilden.

In 1961, Truro Presbytery realigned the boundaries of some pastoral charges and Hilden United Church became a part of the Clifton-Old Barns Pastoral Charge.

Brentwood WMS group, c.

Brentwood WMS group, c. 1940

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