Hampton Pastoral Charge is located in Kings County, New Brunswick.

Prior to the 1870s, Methodist church services were held at the Baptist Church in Hampton. In the early 1870’s Methodist services began being held in Hampton Station, first in the old Athenaeum and then in Barnes Hall. Soon, the Methodists erected their own church building which was dedicated in May 1882. W. W. Frost and William Langstroth were the builders of the new church at a cost of $2500. The Hampton Methodist Church became the centre of a new circuit which included Rothesay, Nauwigewaquk and Passekeag in 1874. For a short time prior to this, Hampton had been one of the preaching places on the Upham Charge. Some twenty-five years later, the church had a membership of approximately 100 persons. Rothesay and Nauwigewauk were soon removed from the circuit, leaving Hampton and Passekeag. From 1889 to 1916, services were held alternately in Bloomfield and Passekeag. In 1916, services began to be held only at Bloomfield.

Membership card for Methodist Church, 1920

Hammond River and Saltsprings Presbyterian Session Minutes, 1879

Hammond River and Saltsprings Presbyterian Session Minutes, 1879

St. Andrew’s Kirk in Hammond River was first opened as Presbyterian church in 1842. The first minister was Rev. Andrew Donald and he was succeeded by Rev. James Gray.

In 1925, the United Church of Canada was formed, combining the Methodist Church, a majority of Presbyterian Churches and the Congregational Church. At this time the Hampton Pastoral Charge contained the appointments of Hampton, Bloomfield, Passekeag, and Salina.

In 1930, the Hampton Pastoral Charge was enlarged by the addition of St. Andrew’s Kirk at Hammond River and in 1935, Titusville became part of the Hampton Pastoral Charge. Passekeag no longer appeared as a preaching point by 1941 and Titusville was dropped in 1951. Bloomfield United Church was closed in 1970.

Installation of bell in the new Hampton United Church building, 1982

Installation of bell in the new Hampton United Church building, 1982

Due to the growth of the United Church congregation in Hampton as well as the declining condition of the church building, a new church building was constructed and dedicated on 9 May 1982.

On 1 October 1984, the Hampton United congregation met to discuss the possibility of becoming a single point pastoral charge and this became a reality on July 1, 1986. A new pastoral charge, Andrew Donald, was formed at the same time and comprised St. Andrew’s Church, Hammond River, Southfield United Church and Salina Kirk, the churches formerly associated with the Hampton United Church.

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