The circle of the church year is turning. Soon we enter the Season of Advent preparing for the Mystery of Christmas. Here are some resources from your AVEL collection you might want to consider!


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AVEL programs for Advent Studies:

 Advent Calendar on DVD: 25 mini-documentaries (3-4 min) taking viewers on an entertaining journey through the meaning behind the symbols and traditions of Advent and Christmas. (for the whole family)

Nativity: the art and spirit of the Crèche: (DVD; 30 mins) The Nativity scene depicted in history, art, and spirituality, as embraced by cultures around the world. A good program for junior/senior high students, and other small groups.

Victory and Peace or Justice and Peace featuring John Dominic Crossan: a four-session study exploring these subjects: what is the character of your God; the content of your faith; the purpose of your prayer; and the function of your church.

Countering Pharaoh’s Production-Consumption Society Today featuring Walter Brueggemann: a five-session study exploring our society’s nature of consumerism.

A Different Kind of Christmas (DVD with leader guide): this five-session study helps us see the traps and discontentment of consumerism and the call of God to live generously. (United Methodist Publishing)

Thrill of Hope: the Christmas Story in Word and Art (DVD and study guide) this study is divided into six one hour sessions with a 7-minute video for each chapter. Each video features a passage of a Scripture, commentary by the scholars, and a work of art based on that passage. Included are:

  •  A Visit (Luke 1:26-38); The Nativity (Luke 2:1-7); The Shepherds (Luke 2:8-20); Epiphany ((Matthew 2:1-12); Presentation in the Temple (Luke 2:21-40); Flight into Egypt (Matthew 2:13-15

Spiritual Literacy produced by Spirituality and Practice: This series consists of 26 meditative and soul-stirring half-hour films (on 6 DVDs, 4-5 sessions on each), based on Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat’s bestselling book Spiritual Literacy: Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life.

Embracing a Life of Meaning (DVD and Participant workbook) a five-session study with Kathleen Norris, facilitated by Tim Scorer. Kathleen Norris is an award-winning poet, writer and author. Her work is intimate and historical, rich in poetry and meditations, brimming with exasperation and reverence, deeply grounded in both nature and spirit, sometimes funny and often provocative.

DVD programs for children: (see below for descriptions)

  • The Story of the Selfish Giant: a Christmas Parable (25 minutes)
  • Bedbug Bible Gang Christmas Show (27 minutes)
  • Barrington Bunny (8 minutes)
  • The King is Born (Animated Stories from the New Testament) (30 minutes)
  • Go Look in the Manger / The Candy Maker’s Christmas
  • A Fruitcake Christmas (60 minutes)
  • Martin and the Heavenly Tree (23 minutes)
  • Three Christmas Classics (appx 25 min each): Christmas Is ; The City that Forgot about Christmas; and The Stableboy’s Christmas

One dvd with two wonderful children’s stories:

Go Look in the Manger -30 min Based on a true story, Go Look in the Manger is a wonderful tale of a Christmas gone by. Colorful illustrations, new and familiar songs, and a nostalgic setting are sure to make viewing this original story a holiday tradition. To eight-year-old Ricky Meyer, the Christmas of 1966 is a wonderland filled with snowballs and manger scenes. Desperate to impress his teacher and classmates with a memorable “show-and-tell,” Ricky strikes a deal with his mother which jeopardizes his Christmas. When he plays “King of the Hill” with his best friend, the promise he made to his mother is the last thing on his mind. The promise is broken and Ricky will have to face the consequences on Christmas. But at church on Christmas Eve, Ricky hears the story of the greatest Christmas gift ever, the gift of Jesus. Find out what Ricky discovers when his forgiving mother tells him to “go look in the manger.”

Candy Makers Christmas  30 min– “Only the finest will be accepted,” cheers the candy maker……as he mixes and stirs and twirls his latest creation. “Only the finest for the king.” And as he walks into the snowy night, August is certain that he has made the perfect Christmas present for the royal family. But an accidental encounter in front of the Cathedral teaches August that the only truly perfect Christmas present is the gift of Jesus. August learns a lesson in love and humility as his candy cane becomes a popular Christmas reminder for people throughout the world. Children of all ages will enjoy finding the symbolism of the candy cane in this tasty tale of Christmas discovery. The Candy Maker’s Christmas is sure to be a holiday classic.

Three Christmas Classics — on one DVD!

Christmas Is  – 22 min– An animated classic about Benji, a disappointed little boy who must play the second shepherd in the school play — again. Disappointment turns to joy when a daydream transports him and his lovable pooch, Waldo, back to the first Christmas. There the second shepherd shares with them the angels’ message — that Jesus is born in Bethlehem! (22 minutes)

The City That Forgot About Christmas – 22 min– The story of a woodcarver who lived in a village that had forgotten about Christmas. When he taught the children of the town about the birth of Jesus, the uncaring village was filled with the joy of Christ. This animated favorite features the voices of Sebastian Cabot, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Louis Nye. (22 minutes)

The Stableboy’s Christmas  27 min– This award-winning dramatic special finds 10-year-old Tammy traveling back in time to the first Christmas in Bethlehem and witnessing the little stableboy’s act of unselfish love when he gives the Christ child his pet lamb. Tammy then realizes how sharing presents with others is a way of sharing God’s love at Christmas. (27 minutes)

Barrington Bunny (DVD; Children; 8 mins)

Barrington Bunny hasn’t been included in anyone’s Christmas Eve Celebrations. He’s alone – the only bunny in the forest – and he wants to share Christmas with someone. How can he escape his loneliness and isolation? Through this animation classic, Barrington helps viewers discover the value that each individual holds and the place that each creature fills as a member of a larger family.

A Fruitcake Christmas (DVD) Grades 1-6, 60 minutes

It’s Christmastime in the garden and Hermie and his friends are hustling and bustling to prepare for the big day. But more than anything, they all eagerly anticipate the crowning moment of the holiday season: the arrival of Grannypillar’s scrumptious fruitcake. Suddenly, Christmas is hijacked when Iggy and Ziggy Cockroach-the greediest bugs in the garden-steal Grannypillar’s fruitcake. How will Christmas survive?! But deep in the hearts of the youngest of hearts, the true meaning of Christmas shines through. Hailey and Bailey, through an act of unheard of generosity, together remind the garden that the celebration of Christmas is nothing about fruitcake, but about God’s gift to us.

Martin and the Heavenly Tree (DVD) Ages 4-8, 23 minutes

When his father becomes sick, Martin’s has to change his plans for an outdoor Christmas celebration in a sudden, yet creative way. Will he be able to give his family his special Christmas present? Children will enjoy this tale of the origin of the Christmas tree, set in Germany in the early 16th century. This beautifully illustrated story of the “tree that points to heaven” is sure to be a Christmas favorite. Vision Video

The King is Born (DVD) Ages 3-8, 30 minutes

Beginning with Gabriel’s announcing God’s blessed plan for Mary, this animated video brings all the elements of the timeless story of Jesus’ birth to life. Journey with Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem and witness with the shepherds the humble birth of the Savior. Includes chapter access and a sing-along song. Vision Video

The Story of the Selfish Giant (DVD) Ages 4-8, 30 mins

A grandfather uses Oscar Wilde’s timeless tale, The Story of the Selfish Giant, to unlock the true meaning of Christmas for his granddaughter. As the selfish giant learns in this story of love and sacrifice, God’s unselfish gift fills us with joy. Children of all ages will be enchanted by this charming story and its strong Christian message. Original artwork and music are sure to make this a holiday favorite for years to come. Vision Video

The Lion & The Lamb (VHS)  Grades 1-6, 24 mins

Christopher Reeve and Amy Grant relate this touching story of how an escaped lion and newborn lamb teach a brother and sister the true spirit of Christmas. The Lion & the Lamb is a heartfelt holiday classic that promises to captivate viewers. Animated.

Jacob’s Gift (VHS) 30 mins. Gr. 1 and up

Hoping to win a contest whereby the winner gets to help build the new synagogue, Jacob comes up with a great idea.  But with his father’s inn overflowing with guests, Jacob is pulled away from the project by his duties to his family.  In the end, Jacob sacrifices winning the contest to do a kindness for a family with a newborn baby and in the process learns an important lesson about giving.

Veggie Tales: The Star  of Christmas (VHS) Preschool/Primary; 45 mins

It’s 1880’s London, and Cavis Appyhart and Millward Phelps (Bob and Larry) are putting the finishing touches on their first Christmas musical – “The Princess and the Plumber.”  Filled with spectacle and more electric lights than London has ever seen, Cavis is convinced his impressive show will “teach London to love!”  Unfortunately, a church Christmas pageant staged by little Edmund Gilbert (Junior Asparagus) is opening the same night, right down the street, and features the “Star of Christmas” – a priceless artifact that hasn’t been seen in 80 years!  Just how far will Cavis go to make sure his show opens on top?  Find out in this hilarious, action-packed adventure which teaches that it’s the true story of God’s love that shows us how to love one another – at Christmas time and throughout the year!

Bedbug Bible Gang Series: Christmas Show  (25 min. ea.; for ages 3-6)

This series filled with animation, cartoons, and pup-pets. Children will love to follow the Bedbugs as they share their favorite stories.

Christmas Show: The bedbugs have been busy learning their lines for their biggest show of the year, a show all about Jesus’ birthday!  You’re sure to enjoy hearing the bedbugs tell the stories of Mary’s Surprise, The Wise Men, The Shepherds of Bethlehem. Get ready to laugh and sing.


or contact Sarah Wallace by email or telephone 506 536 1334 x7