Advent Art Trading Cards Sunday School Project

freeimage-8640882-webHere is a project inviting Sunday Schools of all sizes to share art trading cards with children from all over Maritime Conference!

What are Art Trading Cards (ATC’s)?
The same size as hockey cards (2.5 x 3.5 inches or 64 mm × 89 mm), Art Trading Cards are small works of art that are created to be given away. We invite your children to create an Advent ATC with words or pictures to be traded with children in churches across the conference.

What do we do?
We invite your children to create some Advent ATCs with words or pictures to trade with a child in another community. You might encourage the children to think of a hope or a prayer they might want to illustrate. You can use paint, scraps of fabric, beautiful torn papers, pastels, charcoal. Any art material goes if  it fits into an envelope! Here is a web site that will give you a few ideas:  And here is another idea from the site, Praying in Colour:

How does it work?
You register your Sunday School or group of children. They create Art Trading Cards and send them to the Maritime Conference Centre. We will collect them and send back a selection to you.

What’s the Deadline?
Register soon. We must receive your Art Trading Cards by Nov. 18 so we can sort them and a set back to you and your group of children for the first Sunday in Advent.

What’s the Cost?
We invite you to consider sending a cheque for $8-10 with your cards to help with mailing costs.

So how do we register?
Use the form below! We’ll send you a simple “how to” sheet when you register with directions.

Need more Info?
Contact Janice Maclean, Conference Minister for Christian Nurture & Enrichment by EMAIL or telephone 506 536 1334 ext. 4

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