By Rev. Audrey Lounder

Together in FaithThis Sunday at Quispamsis United Church we celebrated our 48th anniversary.   In the past, we have always looked back – telling the story of the 13 founding families, sharing how the building was built… and paid for.

This year, we decided to look forward.   Starting the second Sunday in September we introduced the idea of a Vision Board and how it can affect who we are and what we achieve.  People have been invited to keep their eyes open for pictures or sayings, stories or, , just about anything, that would represent their vision for Quispamsis United Church.  On the anniversary sunday we built our Vision Board.

We used foam board set on four easels set around the sanctuary and people came forward (or the kids helped) and they pasted their pictures, stories, words onto the board (some used markers to draw pictures).  Then the four sections were put together to make one vision board for the congregation (using a frame that one member, Mike Martin, made for that purpose). Our Vision Board

It was fun; got people talking and really got everyone excited!