A Book Review


by Alisa Pothier-Merrett                                                             Gospel            


of The Gospel According to the Earth

by Dr. Matthew Sleeth




ISPN 978-0-06-173053-5


As Matthew Sleeth’s interest in the environment increased, he began to realize that the health of th eplanet was in jeopardy.  Unsure of how to tackle the problem, inspiration finally hit when he picked up the Bible.


 He quit his career as an emergency room physician and took on the job of promoting health care for the planet. His study of the Bible using an environmental lens led him to realize that not only had God charged humans with stewardship of the earth, but God had also provided instructions!


 The Gospel According to the Earth is clearly written, and well researched. Sleeth believes that by simplifying our lives, and living with Christian values, we can save the planet. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. His personal anecdotes helped reveal him to be an honest, humble, and hospitable person. I also liked the list of environmentally friendly suggestions, included at the end of each chapter.