November 18, 2013


 As I sit at my desk this morning, watching the sky darken and lighten, seeing the last leaves blowing on, and then off, the trees, I am mindful of how quickly this autumn season has gone by. I am preparing for this Sunday’s worship, and marveling at how it is already ‘Reign of Christ’, or ‘Christ the King’ Sunday. A week from today, I will be sitting here prepping for my Advent and Christmas services. Life is passing too quickly for my taste!


 This fall has been a busy one for me. I should note that life itself is busy, for all of us, it’s just that this year, it’s been a different kind of busy! With the added commitments and responsibilities of being this years Conference President, I added new activities to my list of things to do.


 I’ve had the privilege of meeting with three of our Presbyteries: St. Croix, Chignecto, and Miramichi. I was invited to be the guest preacher at William Black UC, and Stairs Memorial UC, both in Halifax Presbytery. I had the privilege and the pleasure of being a part of the closing worship for last month’s “Behold!” conference, held at Fort Massey U.C. I have also had to send my regrets, because of time constraints, for a number of occasions I would have liked to take part in.


 I have been honoured and delighted with meeting so many of our United Church people, in all the visits and celebrations that I’ve been invited to share. I’ve had a chance to listen to your concerns, and share your celebrations. It has been a blessing to be a part of your faith journeys, and to be allowed to walk with you.


 This coming weekend there will be a meeting of the Conference Executive, and it looks as though we have a full agenda. As with any group or organization, many folks are unaware of the amount of background “grunt” work has to take place, to deal with the administrative work of being Church in our pastoral charges, Presbyteries, and Conference. I am deeply indebted to all who are committed to the process, and who give of their time and talents and energy, to take part in these meetings. It’s not always an easy process, as we deal with matters that are challenging. But we press onward, doing our best to make the right decisions for all that comes before us.


As we prepare to head into the Advent season, my prayer for all of us is that we find the time—make and take the time! – to consider the activities and commitments that keep us on the move. May we consider them prayerfully, and adjust them as needed so that our own energy doesn’t falter. And may we hold each other in our hearts and prayers, knowing that each one of us is hard at work, listening to God’s words for us, and responding as best we can. Amen.