We stand on the threshold of Advent. We are getting ready for the Mystery of Christmas.

This post will pull together a few of the resources on our website for Advent. We hope they will help with your planning.

AVEL Resources for Advent and Christmas Advent Hymns by Catherine Smith Advent Songs by Catherine MacDonald A Guide to Advent Hymns by Sara Campbell Can-struction. Pictou United Church Food Bank Project

Advent Email Retreat

REGISTER HERE: Our Advent days offer a shift from ordinary time and invitation to reflect on our journey — if only we had the time! We can’t always schedule time but an EMAIL retreat is flexible. You will receive it in your email inbox early Saturday morning for the four weeks in Advent and you get to it when you have time. The eRetreat is shaped so you can ‘retreat” in one sitting or use bits and pieces throughout the week. You put together your retreat time in a way that works for the reality of your days.

The 2013 Advent Retreat is a kind of art pilgrimage. I love how art doesn’t explain but invites us more deeply into an understanding of ourselves and our world. Each week will highlight art that bears witness to the mystery of incarnation. There will be candle-lighting words, brief reflections, questions to prompt deeper contemplation and action, and a spiritual practice to try out. And there will be “Other Pathways.” I’ve enjoyed roaming the world of cyberspace to bring you creative, amusing, or interesting clips or websites supporting the theme.

We reflect on four practices that support creating our future: Paying Attention, Noticing Shadows, Seeing All Things Whole and Following Love’s Beckoning.

This retreat is written and guided by Janice MacLean, Conference Minister for Christian Nurture & Enrichment.

Advent Small Group Study

REGISTER HERE:  Based on the Isaiah Lectionary Readings for Advent, this study has a Leaders Page, Participant Page, Spiritual Practices, and Other resources. You receive a link and password to a page where you will find your easily downloaded materials. For use with small groups, lectionary groups or for those preparing worship in Advent. find more information here: Spiritual Practices in the Isaiah Readings.  Look at a sample of the Leader Page.  Leader Page.

Advent Retreat at Tatamagouche Centre

November 27, 2013 from 10am – 4pm.  This will be a gentle day assisting us to take a breath and gently enter into Advent. The day will take the shape you need. I’ll offer worship and a couple of reflections to help us go deeper.

Feel creative? There will be art-making spaces to help invite quiet and creativity.

Want to try a new practice? There will be an opportunity for Audio Divina with music.

Rather be outside? There is a labyrinth and guidance for a contemplative walk.

Rather read? There will be children’s books with prompts for further practice.  Or take your own book and curl up on a couch or rocking chair.

Like to talk with others? There will be opportunity for conversation and sharing.

Like to eat? There will be a great Tatamagouche meal and snacks!

Register here: https://www.tatacentre.ca/index.php/programs/details/1933

Coming Soon!  SEASONINGS

Enter the New Year in the company of twelve folk who share the newest recipe they tried or the dish they bring to a pot luck, (maybe even the recipe for the most romantic meal they ever cooked!)

Learn what book is presently on their tablet or bedside or it might be the one that changed their life.

Find out what spiritual practice sustains them or without which their day would not quite be the same.

Savour a New Year blessing they share.

From December 26 through January 6, twelve participants in the Twelve Days will season your life.

You will find out who the twelve are soon!

Registering soon.