by Ron Urguhartimage[2]

Gifts received from a former church family are warming the hearts of folks at Masstown United Church.

Earlier in the year the congregation received a package from the grandson of the late Nettie (Vance) Bowser, a member in good standing of Masstown United Church, formerly a Presbyterian Church.  Enclosed were two lovely antique vases.

In a letter read by Carol Gillard, minister of the church, Derek Bowser noted that his grandmother, who emigrated to the United States in 1916, always had a special place in her heart for Masstown where she would return to visit with her family as often as possible.  She often spoke of hearing  church bells ringing in the distance and wishing that someday the Masstown Church could afford a bell of its own.

On Mrs. Bowser’s 85th birthday n 1986 the family presented her with the gift of a bell for the church in memory of her parents George and Janie Vance.  Years later she gave her grandson the two vases which had been purchased by her grandfather in Montreal around 1886.  These were often used to decorate a church organ on special occasions.

The vases were dedicated over the summer in memory of Nettie Bowser and placed on top of the organ.  They are still used on special occasions.  Over the fall the church bell, which has been taken down for cleaning while roof repairs were completed, was reinstalled and continues to offer its sweet sound on Sunday mornings.