Last week, I was very excited to receive an email from Brenda at St. Paul’s United Church in Sussex, NB. She sent me pictures of two delicious looking batches of cookies that she had made using the recipes from last month’s Archives Recipes of the Month. These recipes were from a cookbook produced by the Ladies Guild at Knox United Church in Brookfield

Just a warning, make sure you look at the following pictures with a full stomach because they are guaranteed to make your mouth water!

Wonders cookiesThese cookies are the Wonder cookies. According to Brenda, they were a good, soft cookie with a nutty flavour. A bit on the sweet side with the glaze perhaps but yummy nonetheless!


Jubilee JumblesAnd these are the Jubilee Jumbles (don’t you just love the name).  They were quite sticky but Brenda suggested using a silicon liner to make it easier to get them off the pan.

Thanks so much for the pictures Brenda. St. Paul’s United is lucky to have such a great baker in their midst! And for all you other cooks out there, don’t be shy! Feel free to send in pictures of your archival cooking adventures.