I always get a big kick out of the number of drawings I find in church minute books. Not surprisingly, the majority of these doodles are usually found in the books of  youth groups where the minutes were recorded by the youth themselves. The drawings below, however, were found in a book of Sunday School minutes from St. Matthew-Wesley United Church in North Sydney, Nova Scotia. Maybe a kid got a hold of his mother’s minute book or who knows, maybe the secretary was bored during some of the meetings. She wouldn’t be the first adult to doodle on an official document. Check out John A. MacDonald’s copy of the 1864 Quebec resolutions in case you didn’t believe that politicians doodle too! http://data2.collectionscanada.gc.ca/ap/c/c095155k.jpg

In any case, kudos to the unknown artist who produced these fine works of art!

Drawing of house

Drawing of a young boy

Drawing of an athlete

Drawing of a pool room sign