In these bleary winter months, there’s nothing better than some good ol’ fashioned comfort food circa 1915 style. I’m talking macaroni and cheese kind of comfort food because nothing and I mean nothing beats that combination of cheese and pasta.  And that’s where The Helping Hands cookbook produced by the ladies of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Kentville comes in handy (pun intended hehe). This church would eventually join with St. Stephen Methodist to become St. Paul and St. Stephen United Church. So don’t hesitate, chase away those winter blues with a nice bubbly pasta casserole. Make sure to follow up the food with a nice long nap and you’ll soon forget all about the snow outside.

P.S. Don’t forget to fire up your Gurney-Oxford stove first because “the dinner will not be a success unless the stove does its part perfectly.”

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Feeling a little sore from wrestling with the stove? Then Neary Linament is just what the doctor ordered. Remember, you can bank on it!

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