Lent Small Group Study: Gifts of Celtic Christianity

Leaders: Ivan Gregan & Janice MacLean

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Photo: David Coleman

Photo: David Coleman

Session 1: The Hearth:Gather Us In
Session 2: High Crosses: Touchstones for an Engaged Spirituality
Session 3: The Salmon of the Three Wells: Encircling Presence
Session 4: A Infinite Weave: A Celtic Sense of Time
Session 5: The Place of Our Resurrection: Mission
Session 6: Celtic Worship


Sample of Session 1: Leader’s Page


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Who is it for?
Put together a group of people even as small as 2-3 people and you have a group. It may be led by a lay person or clergy. The format offers material for SIX one hour sessions. You can adapt it to make it shorter or longer. The Leader Page includes: Setting the Space. Kindling the Fire. Settling In. Audio Presentation. Discussion Questions. Prayer Practice. Celtic Blessing. All sessions raise issues to nurture personal life and enrich congregational mission.

How does it work?
When you Register for the Lent Small Group Study you will be sent a Link and a Password to a private web page. Here you will find your materials for each session.

You can download and print the Leader Page.. You can download and save the Audio Recordings and take your laptop and speakers to the group.There are a few other Extra Resources to help you plan your session. There is even a poster you can edit with your local information.

We don’t have an internet connection at the Church.
You don’t need one. The material can be downloaded and printed. The Audio Recordings can also be downloaded and saved to your laptop or mobile device and played at the meeting. You will likely need speakers.

Can we use it with more than one group on the pastoral charge?
Yes, once you register and get and link and password you can use it for multiple groups on the same pastoral charge and with different leaders.

Is it just for churches in the Maritime Conference?
No, we welcome registrations from anywhere. This is the neat part of sharing web based resources.

How much does it cost?
There is a $25 registration fee for congregations to access and use the material.

How can I register and pay?
We will be registering soon. The material will be available for leaders to review by February 14. You can register on-line and pay with your credit card or pay pal or choose to mail a cheque.

In a part-time ministry hard choices are made. Often what needs to be let go are the faith formation studies and gatherings.  Even in the full-time ministry the demands of pastoral care and organizational tending mean there is little time for planning or leading studies.The Small Group Studies are a new resource meant to help fill in the gap.

For more information contact Janice MacLean EMAIL.