Soul Songs: Praying the Psalms

Photo: Janice MacLean

Photo: Janice MacLean


Through the lens of the six Psalms set aside in the Lectionary for Lent, we will look at our own Soul Songs and seek ways to open our heart to our own story and ways of being present and responsive in the world around us.

Here is what you can expect to find in each of the six emails you will receive:


A Visual Journal receiving a word from the Psalm for the day.
Entry Points – a brief teaching about the Psalms covering topics like the language for God, the language of outrage, the “problem” of the enemy and gift of lament for the church today.
An Antiphon for prayer.
You will be offered seven ways to pray the Psalms.
Reflection Questions for Silent or Journal Reflection.
Spiritual Practices for Living your Soul Song.
There will also be links to supporting pieces that offer other direction.

And, if you want the practice of reading the whole Book of Psalms during Lent, a chart for 40 Days of Reading is also provided.

  • Your email retreat arrives early Saturday morning in your inbox, beginning Saturday, March 8. You attend to it when you have time.
  • The eRetreat is flexible. You might use it in one sitting or as part of a daily quiet time.
  • Cost: $15 (If circumstances require you to choose $0 please do so.). You may pay a) on-line with your own credit card on our PayPal site; b) on-line using your own PayPal account or c) send a cheque.

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