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SAMPLE from Week 1: Practices for Keeping Easter
Tuesday, April 28
Taste the Mystery

Crossing the Threshold of the Day

Get one raisin or one piece of orange or choose a bite of your breakfast. Take at least a minute to really chew your raisin or orange segment, roll it around your tongue, savour the juice. Take whatever time you need to be mindful of this taste.


Ponder this ….

Perhaps my favourite line in all the stories is in Exodus. It goes something like, ‘When you taste this bread you still taste this story.’


I love the taste of the story in my mouth as I chew the flat, dry matza. I taste the desert. I taste the journey. I taste the fear. I taste the urgency. I taste the comfort. I taste Presence.


Today we can be intentional about Keeping Easter by being mindful of Mystery hidden in the tastes on our plate. Be aware you might also find Mystery in the memories stirred as you savour your food.


Keeping Easter Practice

Try the practice of grateful eating today. Ponder the journey of how your food got to your plate. Be grateful for all the hands that prepared it. Take time to taste it, bite by bite. How might your tasting this day be a practice of sacred nourishment?


You might want to watch  “The Exodus”, a story from the Godly Play Foundation You Tube Channel.