The Blue Rocks-Stonehurst Pastoral Charge contains the congregation of St. Paul’s United Church at Blue Rocks, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.

In the 1880s, Presbyterian adherents in the area of Blue Rocks and Stonehurst (also known as Black Rocks) worshipped at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Lunenburg. A minister began holding services in the area at the local schoolhouses. In 1884, a mission station, referred to as The Rocks, was organized and placed under the care of the Lunenburg Presbyterian congregation.

St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church was dedicated on March 1, 1885. The church building is located halfway between Blue Rocks and Stonehurst.

In 1925, the Blue Rocks and Stonehurst congregation entered The United Church of Canada and was known as The Rocks Mission. St. A church hall was built in the 1930s.

The Rocks Mission became an appointment of the Mahone Bay Pastoral Charge in 1958. The name of the pastoral charge was changed to Mahone Bay-Blue Rocks-Stonehurst Pastoral Charge in 1962. Blue Rocks-Stonehurst was made its own pastoral charge in 1968. In recent years, this charge is served by the minister at Mahone Bay.

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