The Brooklyn Pastoral Charge consists of the appointments of Beach Meadows (Emmanuel United Church), Brooklyn (Pilgrim United Church), and Mill Village (Bethany United Church). All are located in Queens County, Nova Scotia.

Mill Village and Port Medway Circuit financial statement, 1907-1908A Methodist chapel was erected at Mill Village in 1818, and replaced by a new church building which was dedicated on 14 November 1897. The old church was sold in 1897.

Mill Village was separated from the Liverpool Circuit and made the head of a Methodist circuit in 1855. The appointments included East Port Medway, Mill Village, Medway and Vogler’s Cove. Vogler’s Cove was the head of a Circuit in 1891 and contained the appointments of Broad Cove, Cherry Hill, East Port Medway and Vogler’s Cove. In 1894 these appointments were returned to the Mill Village Circuit. A Methodist Church was erected at Vogler’s Cove in 1886.

In June 1903, Simeon Cohoon donated a piece of land in East Port Medway to erect a new Methodist church. A Methodist church building had been constructed some 70 years earlier but the building was in a state of bad repair. Under the leadership of Rev. Shepherdson, the members of the church donated their time and money to construct the new building. The dedication of the church took place on January 31, 1904 with a large crowd in attendance at the morning, afternoon, and evening services.

Brooklyn Congregational Church

Brooklyn Congregational Church

Beach Meadows began as a Congregational church congregation which was organized in 1862. A Congregational church building was erected in Beach Meadows on the Old Meeting-House Road in that same year. In 1870, the congregation was served by ministers from Brooklyn. The Congregational church building was torn down and replaced by a church dedicated on 19 March 1911. This congregation entered The United Church of Canada in 1925 and the church was renamed Emmanuel United Church.

A Congregational church congregation was organized in Brooklyn in 1848 and a church building was erected and opened for worship in 1852 and the name of Pilgrim Congregational Church was adopted. This was replaced by a new church building in 1895. The Brooklyn congregation, at first served by ministers from Liverpool, was later part of the Congregational Pastorate of Brooklyn and Milton. The Brooklyn congregation entered the United Church of Canada in 1925 and was renamed Pilgrim United Church.

In 1925, the Methodist, Congregational and the majority of Presbyterian churches united to form The United Church of Canada. At this time, the newly formed pastoral charge of Brooklyn contained the appointments of Beach Meadows, Brooklyn and Sandy Cove. Mill Village Pastoral Charge contained the appointments of Danesville, East Port Medway, Middlewood, Mill Village, Port Medway, and Vogler’s Cove.

Pilgrim United Happy Hour Mission Band minutes, December 1957

Pilgrim United Happy Hour Mission Band minutes, December 1957

By 1936, Sandy Cove was no longer listed as a preaching point on the Brooklyn Pastoral Charge. Mill Village Pastoral Charge ceased to exist in 1939 and the congregations of East Port Medway and Mill Village were moved to the Brooklyn Pastoral Charge while Port Medway, Danesville, Middlewood, and Vogler’s Cove were transferred to the Petite Riviere Pastoral Charge. Mill Village United Church was renamed Bethany United Church on June 1, 1958. In 1970, Port Medway was moved to the Brooklyn Pastoral Charge and amalgamated with Bethany United Church.

 Wesley United Church in East Port Medway was decommissioned in 2008.

For a listing of the Brooklyn Pastoral Charge records held at the Maritime Conference Archives, click on the following link:

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