Maritime Conference Annual Meeting 2014
On-Line Retreat and Informational “Workshop” – Saturday, May 24, 2014


online communityWelcome to this on-line retreat and workshop.
We meet here in cyberspace. We are unseen to one another yet we form a group for the minutes you are here. I invite you to participate in the retreat and then spend time learning about our fall plans for on-line engagement.

Download a free one-hour retreat.  Click here: A one-Hour Retreat (PDF) |  or click here: A one-Hour Retreat (WORD)

Learn more about our on-line ministry in this article



Upcoming Retreats and Program this Summer and Fall

Summer sheetsSummer Sheets

Opening scripture in FRESH ways. Insights on scripture & questions. Use for summer worship, bible study, openings for meetings & personal meditation. Click here to order. Special during the Annual Meeting: Receive PRINT package for $12 at the Display Table. (includes access to on-line download for congregational sharing.)


Loving Earth CreationCreation Time Reflections – Loving Earth

Meet four folk who share teaching from their tradition (Quaker, Buddhist, Celtic & Aboriginal) and how they practice love for Earth. For study groups or personal retreat


Advent whole hearted waiting

Advent Personal Email Retreat – Whole-Hearted Waiting

We live in a hurried world & in a church seeking urgent change. Ruminate this Advent with a personal email retreat offering reflection and practices for whole-hearted waiting.


Advent Working GracesAdvent Small Group Study – Working Graces

Faith, Hope & Love are the “Working Graces” at play in our congregations. Join the President, the Rev. Gloria Churchill in reflecting how these graces can inform our mission and identity.


Stay up to date with On-line Resources and Face-to-Face Gatherings at the Maritime Conference Centre by visiting our retreat web page: Click here:  On-Line Ministry| Webinars | Workshops