The Caledonia Pastoral Charge consists of the appointments of Caledonia, Maitland Bridge (St. Paul’s United) and Pleasant River (Trinity United). Caledonia and Pleasant River are located in Queens County and Maitland Bridge in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia.

Caledonia Methodist Circuit annual report, 1909

Caledonia Methodist Circuit annual report, 1909

As early as 1821, a Methodist class was reported to be meeting in Pleasant River. By 1841, these Methodists had become scattered and the people connected with either the Baptist or Congregational Church Congregations in the area. Interest in Methodist was renewed in Caledonia when Rev. Charles Stewart was sent to Caledonia to promote the Methodist cause. A Methodist Church was opened in Caledonia on 23 May 1869. This church was renovated and reopened on 26 September 1897.

Many of the inhabitants of Caledonia were Presbyterians but the church building was too far away to attend so many Presbyterians joined the Caledonia Baptist congregation.

A Methodist Society at Maitland Bridge was organized and a church erected in 1874. This church became St. Paul’s United Church after the Methodist congregation joined The United Church of Canada in 1925.

In 1854, the Liverpool Methodist circuit reached Mill Village in the east, north to Caledonia, and west to Sable River and Little Harbour. Mill Village was made the head of a circuit in 1855 and the Caledonia Circuit was formed in 1866. These two circuits were under the care of the Liverpool District. In 1877, the Caledonia Circuit contained the appointments of Brookfield, Caledonia, Caledonia Corner and Maitland Bridge.

In October 1872, a Union Church at South Brookfield, east of Caledonia, was erected for Baptists and Methodists in the area. People at South Brookfield were served by Congregational, Methodist or Presbyterian Ministers from Mill Village and Liverpool. In 1925, the Methodist Congregation joined The United Church of Canada.

In 1925 the Methodist Congregation joined The United Church of Canada. After the formation of The United Church of Canada, Caledonia Pastoral Charge contained the preaching points of Caledonia, Harmony Mills, Hibernia, Molega, Northfield and South Brookfield.

Pleasant River Congregational Church, c. 1915

Pleasant River Congregational Church, c. 1915

The Pleasant River Congregational Church was organized in 1846 by the Colonial Society. On 4 August 1856 the Congregational Church at Pleasant River was opened for worship. In 1901, plans were made for a new church and this building was dedicated on 24 July 1904. The old church building was demolished. The Pleasant River Congregational Union minister held services at Brookfield, Caledonia, New Elm and Pleasant River.

A Congregational chapel was also opened at Brookfield in 1856 and churches organized in Baker’s Settlement, Hemford (Ohio) and New Elm. The Congregational chapel at Hemford was opened on 2 March 1890. The congregation at Ohio (Hemford) was formally organized as a separate congregation from Pleasant River on 13 February 1877.

In 1906, Baptists and Congregationalists entered into an agreement under which a church was built in New Elm.

In 1926, the Congregational congregation at Pleasant River joined the United Church of Canada and formed the Pleasant River Pastoral Charge with the appointments of Baker’s Settlement, Hemford, New Elm, East and West Clifford, and Pleasant River.


Caledonia United Church 130th anniversary service, 1999

Caledonia United Church 130th anniversary service, 1999

The Caledonia and Pleasant River Pastoral Charges amalgamated in 1927. The appointments of the new Caledonia Pastoral Charge at that time were Caledonia, Hibernia, Maitland Bridge, Molega, New Elm, Northfield, Pleasant River and South Brookfield. Baker’s Settlement was moved to the Bridgewater (Grace) Pastoral Charge. East and West Clifford were associated with the appointment of Baker’s Settlement. Hemford was moved to the New Germany Pastoral Charge.

Molega was dropped as a preaching point in 1928 and Hibernia and Northfield were dropped by 1930. Harmony Mills was no longer a preaching point by 1970.

The Pleasant River congregation adopted the name Trinity United Church in 1954.

In 1977, the appointments of New Elm and South Brookfield were closed by the South Shore Presbytery and the members transferred to the Caledonia United Church. The South Brookfield church was sold to the Zion United Baptists.

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