The Lunenburg (Central) Pastoral Charge consists of the appointment of Lunenburg (Central United) which is located in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.

Lunenburg Methodist Church historyIn July 1814, a Methodist society was founded in Lunenburg and the first Methodist church building was erected in 1816. A new Methodist church was built about 1883-1884 and opened on March 15, 1885. The old Methodist church building (1816) was torn down. Fire destroyed the Lunenburg parsonage in 1885, together with all the records of births, marriages and deaths up to that time (as per The Chronicle-Herald, 20 November 1971).

In the early part of the 19th century, Methodists and Lutherans in First South Church worshipped in the school house. Early names for the community of First South were South Range and Upper South. The new First South Methodist Church was officially dedicated on 25 March 1888.

The settlers of Lunenburg were predominantly German and were either Lutheran or Calvinistic. The Calvinists (or Reformed Protestant) group met for worship as early as 1754. In 1759, the Reformed Protestant Congregation were granted permission to use St. John’s Anglican Church for services. Construction of a Reformed Protestant Church began in 1769 (this building was replaced in 1825 by a larger building on the same site which was renovated in 1879).

The Reformed Protestant congregation was unable to secure a minister because there were few ministers willing to come to the area, so Bruin Romcas Comingoe was ordained at Halifax by two Presbyterian Ministers and two Congregational Ministers on 3 July 1770. Although Reverend Comingoe did not possess formal theological training, he was ordained as an exception to the rules in order that the Lunenburg congregation could have services.

In 1820, the Lunenburg congregation was called the Lunenburg Reformed Congregation. This congregation affiliated with the Church of Scotland in 1837. The official name, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, was given sometime around 1843. St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Lunenburg is said to be the oldest continuing worshipping Presbyterian congregation in Canada. Though some people from this congregation would have joined in the United Church of Canada in 1925, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church remained a Presbyterian Church and did not enter The United Church of Canada.

Central United Church, c. 1975

Central United Church, c. 1975

In 1925, the Lunenburg Methodist congregation joined The United Church of Canada and became the Central United Church congregation. The First South Methodist congregation became First South United Church. At this time, the Lunenburg Pastoral Charge contained the appointments of First South and Lunenburg (Central United Church).

First South United Church separated from the pastoral charge in 2011 and became its own pastoral charge.

For a listing of Lunenburg Pastoral Charge records held at the Maritime Conference Archives, click on the following link:

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