I promise I tried really hard to find some Canada Day themed records for this week but I didn’t meet with much success. As a back-up plan, I figured a wedding post to celebrate the beginning of summer would be nice. After all, we’re in prime wedding season right now!

First of all, we’ll start out with an invitation. Any plans on November 21, 1883? Sounds like it should be quite the happy occasion at Central Methodist Church (Moncton).

Wedding invitation, 1883

This isn’t the same couple referred to in the invitation above but I think this is about the only wedding photograph we have here in the Archives. The man is James E. Forbes who was a Methodist minister. He was ordained in the Maritimes and eventually ended up in Pictou after serving in Trinidad for a few years in the 1920s. These two certainly make a handsome couple!

Rev. James and Mrs. Forbes, c. 1920

Finally, here’s a thank you card to the teachers and officers of Exmouth Street Methodist Church (Saint John) for their wedding present to Olga Anthony.

Thank you card, January 5, 1922

Thank you card, January 5, 1922 (2)