At the recent Maritime Conference Annual Meeting, considerable discussion took place around the General Council Comprehensive Review. In addition to responding to the questions posed by the Comprehensive Review Task Group (CRTG), Conference members requested time for more deliberation. An informal gathering took place during the supper break on Saturday, and led to a motion being brought forward at the end of the formal agenda on Saturday evening, “that Maritime Conference strike a task group to craft an alternate model of governance that is regionally based and incorporates some responsibilities/functions/powers from both Presbytery and General Council. This will be forwarded to the Comprehensive Review Task Group prior to the June 30th deadline, which has been established by the Comprehensive Review Task Group for receiving conference feedback.”


Conference Sub-Executive received a report from the Conference task group on Friday, June 27, 2014. The report was approved to be forwarded to the CRTG, posted on the Conference website, circulated in the Conference weekly email, and requested to be posted on the “United Futures” web forum. The report can be found here: