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The 2014 Creation Study & Retreat – “Loving Earth.”  

Loving Earth CreationYou will meet four folk who share creation teachings and practices from their path or tradition.


Tina Bernard, Mi’kmaq.
Kevin Anderson, Buddhist
Linda Foy, Quaker (Society of Friends)
Ivan Gregan, Celtic Christianity

This resource may be used for group or personal retreat.

You will receive

  • Access by mid-July to a webpage with four downloadable audio recordings and discussion questions. These recordings can be downloaded and saved to a laptop and played for a group. You do not need an internet connection once they are downloaded.
  • FOUR weekly email retreats during the Season of Creation, beginning Saturday, September 6th. Each email retreat will contain images, prayers, suggestions for loving earth practices, a blessing and more information about the path or tradition. The four weekly Emails  will also contain a link to the audio recording plus a YOU TUBE version of the audio recording with pictures. The email will also contain a downloadable print copy of the retreat which can be printed for reflection away from your screen.

Cost: $20.

A Note about this Resource

NEW!  This is a “crossover” resource. It is a personal email retreat and it is adaptable  as a small group study. Everyone who registers receives access to the private webpage with the audio recordings and discussion questions and four weekly email retreats.

Does everyone in a group need to register?  Not necessarily. The leader should be registered and will receive access to all the materials. The content of the Saturday emails will be useful in filling  out their group process. While some of the content may be shared, it is not intended that the four retreat emails be forwarded to group participants. A group might choose to have all participants register so each one is receiving the weekly emails.

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 “In my Father’s house are many rooms.” (John 14:2a)

It’s not our house.
We have a room here.
How would you welcome another?
What story would you tell?
What symbol, sound, ritual would you show?


It’s not our house.
We have a room here.


We visit our neighbours rooms.
They open a door
Invite us in.
They chose a story to tell
from the richness of their path.
Listen respectfully.


Notice this.
In each room
There is a window
Looking into a garden.
There’ll be splashes of colour
Wild design and induced meandering
Heritage and innovation
Beauty and dis-grace.
There’ll be wheelbarrows
And pruning hooks,
watering cans and garden gloves.


We share this garden.
There is work to do.                   (Janice Maclean 2014)