The Lockeport Pastoral Charge consists of the preaching points at East Sable River, Little Harbour and Lockeport (St. Andrew’s United) which are all located in Shelburne County, Nova Scotia.

The area of Lockeport was originally referred to as Ragged Islands. A settlement called Locke’s Island was founded shortly after 1764. The area of Ragged Islands and Locke’s Island was renamed Lockeport on 16 February 1870.

Lockeport Methodist subscriptions for salary and horse-keep, 1908

Lockeport Methodist subscriptions for salary and horse-keep, 1908

From 1839, the Ragged Islands Methodist Congregation was part of the Shelburne Circuit in the Annapolis District. Appointments of the Shelburne Circuit included Cape Negro, Indian Brook (Port Saxon), Jordan Bay and Jordan River, McNutt’s Island, North East Harbour, Ragged Island (Lockeport), Roseway, Sandy Point and Shelburne. The Methodist ministers from Shelburne preached in the Lockeport Presbyterian Kirk building.

The preaching point at Lockeport was moved from the Shelburne to the Port Mouton Circuit in 1871. By 1875, Lockeport had grown sufficiently to become the head of a Circuit. In 1889 the preaching points listed were Bay Head, Little Harbour, Lockeport, Osborne, Rockland and West Green Harbour.

 The first Methodist meetings at Little Harbour were held in homes. Ministers came to preach from Liverpool and Shelburne. Around 1830, a small schoolhouse was erected which also served as a church. A Methodist church building was erected in 1840 and dedicated sometime around 1848. This building was in need of extensive repair so a new church was erected and dedicated on 10 June 1894. In 1901, the old Methodist Church building built in 1840 was sold.

 A Methodist Church was erected at East Sable River in 1840 but not completed until April 1865. It was dedicated on 10 March 1867. In Allendale, the Methodists shared a Union Church with the Baptists until the Methodist Church was erected at Allendale around 1885.

 In 1900, a fire destroyed West Green Harbour, including the Methodist Church. Osborne was made a part of the Bay Head Congregation in 1904. The name of the Bay Head appointment was changed to Allendale in 1907. In 1905, East Sable River was moved to the Lockeport Circuit. At that time the Methodist appointments of the Lockeport Circuit were listed as Allendale, East Sable River, Little Harbour, Lockeport, Rockland and West Green Harbour. In 1915, West Green Harbour was removed as an appointment of the Lockeport Circuit.

A Union Church was erected at East Jordan for Methodists, Baptists and Presbyterians and dedicated 17 July 1887.


Lockeport Presbyterian communion roll, 1889

Lockeport Presbyterian communion roll, 1889

The Presbyterians were the first organized Congregation at Ragged Islands-Locke’s Island. A Kirk was completed at “Ragged Islands” (Lockeport) in 1865. The last recorded meeting in this church was 25 January 1885.

In 1786 the Presbyterian congregation of Shelburne included the preaching points of Carleton Village and Clyde River, and those communities along the banks of the Jordan and Roseway Rivers (East Jordan, Jordan Falls, Jordan Ferry and Lower, Middle and Upper Ohio). By 1862, the Shelburne Presbyterian Congregation contained the appointments of Jordan River, Lockeport, and Shelburne under the Halifax Presbytery.

On 15 November 1883, Lockeport was separated from the Shelburne Congregation and formed a congregation with East Jordan. The Lockeport and East Jordan congregation contained the appointments of East Jordan, Green Harbour and Lockeport. A second Presbyterian Church at Lockeport was opened on 30 May 1886 and named St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. In 1887, the pews and pulpit of the old Kirk (1865) were sold to a new Presbyterian Church being built in Allendale.

Anticipating the larger union of the Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches as the United Church of Canada, the Methodists and Presbyterians of Lockeport united in April 1924. In 1925, the Methodists, Congregationalists, and a large percentage of the Presbyterians formed The United Church of Canada.

Upon church union in 1925, the Lockeport Pastoral Charge contained the appointments of Lockeport, Little Harbour, East Sable River, Allendale, and Rockland.

The East Jordan United Congregation was never made an official appointment of the Lockeport Pastoral Charge because it was part of a Union Church, so a specific United Church congregation was not formed at East Jordan until 1953. This preaching point was closed in 1960.

In 1967, the Rockland United Church was closed and members of the congregation joined the Little Harbour United Church. The Allendale United Church Congregation was disbanded in 1968. The property was sold in 1974.

St. Andrews Lockeport Woman's Missionary Society minutes, 1938

St. Andrews Lockeport Woman’s Missionary Society minutes, 1938

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