Ever wonder how to go about putting on a massive summer tea for your friends, family, and community? Never fear, the members of the Woman’s Association of Upper Canard United Church have eliminated all the guesswork! The following is a list of the supplies required for a scrumptious tea. It looks like this would be enough for 125 people, that is if everyone was polite and only took one strawberry shortcake. All I can say is that we’re talking about a whole lot of potato salad and you can never go wrong with that.

It’s quite common to find this sort of thing at the back of minute books of Woman’s Missionary Society (WMS), Woman’s Association, and UCW groups. And why not, we all know the UCW groups have catering down to a science. Here’s to all you ladies and men who help to make all those church suppers, fundraisers, and summer teas a huge success!

Upper Canard WA Summer Tea requirements, 1955

Upper Canard WA Summer Tea requirements (2), 1955