Music! Art! Celebration! Exploration! Fun!


Festimagouche will be like nothing else you have experienced, and is a fresh and innovative approach to engaging people from all walks of life in those things that are most important to us all.

Please read and share this important notice!

Last year, Moderator Gary Paterson challenged Conferences to support representatives to attend the Greenbelt Festival in England ( Seventeen folk from Maritime Conference attended as part of the group of over 100 people from the United Church. Having participated in this invigorating experience, participants have committed to sharing their learnings “back home.”

The Maritime Greenbelters have responded by planning “Festimagouche,” a mini-Greenbelt with great music, food, workshops, seminars and opportunities to explore various passions in justice, environment and spirituality. This first event will lay the foundation for what is hoped to be many, many more!

Together we commissioned folk from Maritime Conference to go to Greenbelt. Together we offered them financial and moral support. Together we asked them to share their learnings with us. Now it is our turn to respond.

Please make some time to attend Festimagouche on the weekend of August 23 and 24. Drop in for some workshops, discussions and activities on Saturday afternoon. Come for a great concert with Lewis Mackinnon, Squid and Molly Thomason on Saturday evening. Come for a “Rising Spirits Celebration” on Sunday morning! The price of admission varies from $15 to $40 depending on how long you can stay. Accompanied children are free! Food and accommodations can be purchased, or you can bring your own food and camp for $10+.

Detailed information on Festimagouche, Arts-Justice-Earth-Spirit 2014, can be found at or

See you there!

David Hewitt

Executive Secretary

Maritime Conference