Advent whole hearted waitingWe .. are … that.
Coiled within the acorn is a true self.
But the oak tree of myself can come into being only if it lets go its acorn.
                                 –  Cynthia Bourgeault, The Wisdom Way of Being



Advent Email Retreats: Whole-Hearted Waiting ($15)

Written by Janice MacLean

We live in a hurried world and this time of year can hurry us more. This personal email retreat offers a slowing pause in the midst hurriedness yet  flexibility to take time when it is convenient.

Waiting for the Mystery of Christmas.
How do we cultivate a practice of waiting that invites us to be present to the moment?
With watchfulness. With yearning.
In the depths of our soul.


Incarnation has been called “the bodying forth” of God.
What practices awaken our heart and join our heartbeat with the heartbeat of All?
How does the breaking open of heart, the rending of heart, embody our compassion?
How can we glimpse the tiny mirrors of mercy in which we whole-heartedly see God?

Whole-Hearted Waiting explores these questions with weekly reflections, through poetry, suggested spiritual practices, and photography.

How E-Retreats Work

You receive four retreats by email beginning Saturday, November 30th. A high speed connection may be useful for some features but not required. If you have very basic computer skills and are able to receive an email you have sufficient computer skills for taking a retreat.

  • You are part of a wider community but you retreat when you are able.
  • The retreats are flexible. Some folk use the material to retreat once a week; others carve out time each day or integrate the materials with their established practices.
  • The retreats follow a theme and offer reflections, photographs, questions, and several suggested spiritual practices.
  • You can print your retreat to take away from your computer or you can read it on-line.
  • Guests occasionally join the retreat through pod-casts, written word, or You Tube videos.

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Registration and Payment

There are two ways to pay.

  1. You can pay on-line through our Pay Pal account using your own credit card or a Pay Pal account if you have one.
  2. You may also select and option to pay by cheque and send by mail.

We always offer an option to pay as you are able. We want our retreats available to all and recognize there may be times when it is not possible to offer payment. Please contact Janice EMAIL