SEASONINGS- The Twelve Days of Christmas Email
By Janice MacLean

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SeasoningsUltimately what I loved about Seasonings is that it seemed like this unassuming little piece: a recipe here, a book there, maybe a prayer. But somehow I came away each time caring more deeply for the person you were profiling, many whom I know, and some I don’t. And being thankful that we are all in this together.

Enter the New Year in the company of twelve folk who share the newest recipe they tried or the dish they bring to a potluck, (Maybe even the recipe for the most romantic meal they ever cooked!)

Learn what book is presently on their tablet or bedside or it might be the one that changed their life.

Find out what spiritual practice sustains them or without which their day would not quite be the same.

Savour a New Year blessing they share.

From December 26 through January 6, twelve participants in the Twelve Days will season your life. I’m sure you will know some of the participants. I know you will delight in meeting new folk.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas offerings. I found almost every one to spark a sense of the Divine from the focus person to me.  I was moved by the simplicity, honesty and depth in their journeys and felt inspired to deepen in my own path.

Here’s what you receive.

  • A daily email from December 26 through January 6 offering a brief profile of one of the twelve.
  • Over the 12 days you will receive at least 12 recipes, 12 book recommendations, 12 spiritual practices and 12 blessings to savour.

Registration is $7.00 and you can send it as a gift to your friends for an additional $3 each.

Thank you very much for the “12 days of Christmas.” Each one of them touched me in a different way. Especially the blessings – like a prayer shawl – wrapped themselves around me and were great company during the day. I deeply appreciated the care for body, mind and soul and the lighthearted, yet profound way it was offered. The length of the “seasonings” was also just right to drink a cup of coffee with them.