Calendar Revs

Halifax resident and United Church minister Catherine MacDonald is featured in a calendar meant to challenge popular stereotypes about women in ministry. The Calendar Revs features United Church women clergy engaged in activities such as protest marches, sporting high heels, hunting and belly dancing.

Calendar RevsCatherine relates, “It started with a conversation that some of us were having in one of our clergy facebook groups after one of my colleagues had had her photo taken for the clergy gallery in her church. The photographer told her to tilt her head differently because she looked ‘too Jennifer Aniston.’ We started to share stories of being told we looked too young or shouldn’t do certain activities or should dress a certain way. From that came the idea of creating a calendar to counter some of the stereotypes and criticisms we experience as women in ministry.”

“I am featured on October’s page belly dancing, which celebrates female energy and all body types.”

Calendars are available on-line at…/the-calendar-revs-2015-calendar/. The cost is $20, which includes the shipping.

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