Here are some resources from your AVEL collection you might want to consider for upcoming confirmation classes


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United Church History and Structure:

Celebration of Our Roots Series: (VHS only) A three part series about the founding denominations of The United Church of Canada.

Methodist: Oh, For a Thousand Tongues (35 minutes)

Our Presbyterian Heritage (21 minutes)

Union Churches (20 minutes)

 Refining Fire, Sustaining Grace: (VHS, 30 minutes). The video produced for the 75th anniversary of The United Church of Canada. Traces the journey, pointing to some of the key events and decisions.

 Spirit Connection Special: 65th Anniversary Celebration (VHS only, 28 minutes) Begins with a reflective look at The United Church of Canada and its historical roots and then takes a look at various issues within the United Church.

  Dare To Be– 80th Anniversary of the United Church (DVD, 10 minutes) A film highlighting the journey of the United Church over 80 years.

 Welcome To The United Church of Canada, 2004 (DVD or VHS, 9 minutes) This is a brief overview of The United Church – the people, the beliefs, the activities, the structures. Includes the creed and a description of the crest. (9 minutes)

 A Short History of Global Relationships in The United Church of Canada (DVD or VHS, 30 minutes) This is a presentation by the Rev. Chris Ferguson, former Executive Minister of Justice, Global and Ecumenical Relations Unit of the General Council Office of the United Church of Canada. How can we act faithfully in a post-colonial age? In this 30-minute presentation, Chris Ferguson provides much food for thought about historical power relationships, economic disparities, and our interactions with global partners today. Includes study guide. For use in adult study groups or outreach committees. Excellent preparation for an overseas educational trip or the visit of a global partner.

Sharing Our Song of Faith (DVD or VHS) Each generation of The United Church of Canada has created a statement of faith that reflects the church’s understanding of what it means to be God’s people in their time. Our newest statement is called “A Song of Faith”; it embraces the present spirit of the church in a poetic and memorable style. In this 2007 Lenten study series, guests from different faith traditions are invited to enter a conversation about portions of the Song of Faith along with United Church people. There are five programs in this series, including a special show for Easter Sunday focusing on the Resurrection.

Program One: God and Creation

Program Two: Brokenness, Grace, and Healing

Program Three: Jesus, God’s Love Incarnate

Program Four: Hope beyond Life

Program Five: Resurrection

 Called To Be The Church (DVD, 18 minutes). This DVD is a compilation of the following programs:

  • Dare to Be (8:57 min)
  • Welcome to the United Church (6:25 mins)
  • Minute for Mission Clips: Abundance (1:10 min); Faithful Giving (0.56 min); and Let’s Not Be Afraid to Ask (1:20 min)


Bible Resources:

Discovering the Bible: (VHS only) A kit of resources for study of the Bible. Designed to be used by people who are new to the church. Includes workbooks and guides. There are four sessions on two videos. Each session is 30 minutes.

Tape 1                                         Tape 2

  1. Getting Acquainted 3. The New Testament
  2. The Old Testament 4. Survival, Spread and Influence

Questions of Faith II: 2. What’s the Use of the Bible? (DVD) Part 2 of a 6 part DVD from the Questions of Faith series which explores basic questions of belief and meaning. Protestant, Jewish and Roman Catholic, the participants in these series range from priests to psychotherapists to Old Testament scholars to evangelists to preachers to sociologists.


Communion Resources:

 Broken for You (VHS only, 10 minutes) Helps viewers make the connection between the communion service and service in the world. Can be used with junior high through adult.

 Meaning of Mystery (VHS only, 45 minutes) This is an informative video that explains the meaning of the sacraments of Baptism and Communion in the Reformed Church tradition. Different aspects of the service of worship are explored and the ways in which baptism and communion celebrate community.


Videos for Study and Discussion:

QUESTIONS OF FAITH series (DVD, 20 to 30 minutes each). Faith questions (some of the questions discussed are listed) are addressed by a variety of contemporary thinkers, well-known in both the secular and church worlds.

 Questions of Faith II:

  1. Who Is Jesus? What role does Jesus play in your faith? What does one have to believe about Jesus to be Christian?
  2. What’s the Use of the Bible? What kind of authority does the Bible have for you? What role does the Bible play in your faith? How do you approach reading the Bible?
  3. Who’s Got the Truth? If you really believe you are right, how do you deal with people who believe differently from you?
  4. How Do We Right the Wrong? What are the most pressing social issues of our time? What should religious institutions be doing?
  5. What Gives You Faith?   How did you come into your faith? What sustains your faith? How do you share your faith?
  6. What Happens After Death? What is your attitude toward death? What does immortality or life after death mean to you?

 Questions of Faith III:

  1. What Do You Mean By Faith?   What does faith mean to you? What’s the difference between faith and belief?
  2. Why Worship?   What is worship? When does worship happen for you? Does worship ever happen outside the church?
  3. What’s Religion Got To Do With Sex?   What is the Judeo-Christian perspective on sexuality? What can the church offer to those in non-traditional relationships?
  4. What Are the Moral Dilemmas?     What is the most problematic moral issue for you? If you had to identify the most pressing moral problem faced by the culture, what would you say?
  5. Remember Sin and Salvation?   Whatever happened to sin? What is sin for you? What does salvation mean?
  6. What About Grace and Miracles? How do you experience grace? What is grace? Does God intervene in creation today? What is a miracle and have you ever experienced one?

Questions of Faith for Youth 1: (DVD, each series is about 30 minutes) This series of six programs features twenty articulate and thoughtful young people talking about their beliefs and values. What they say will prompt your group to talk about what they believe and how them make their choices. The Series:

What’s God Like?

How Do You Deal With Drugs?

What is Sin?

What’s a Friend?

What About Sex?

What Can the Church Do About the Future?

Questions of Faith for Youth II series: (DVD, each series is about 30 minutes)         .

  1. Why Pray? What’s the value of praying? What do you pray for? What do you think God does when opposing sides pray to win?
  2. Who Do You Want To Become? What’s your idea of a good person? Who do you look up to? Is there any way you want to change?
  3. How Much Stuff Do You Need? Does money cause you problems? How important is having the right clothes? Does your faith have anything to say about money and things?
  4. How Do You Know What Is Right?   How do you make choices? If you saw your best friend cheating, would you tell?
  5. What Can You Do About Violence? Is violence a problem in your school or neighborhood? Have you been the victim of violence or had violent urges? What can people your age do about it?
  6. Is Loving Yourself Easy?   Do you have to be accepted by others to feel OK about yourself? Do you know youth who are depressed or suicidal? Can a person have too much self-esteem?

 What Do You Believe? (DVD, 49 minutes.; Youth) In this award-winning documentary featured on PBS, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Native American, and Jewish teens share their most personal struggles and beliefs about faith, morality, suffering and death, prayer, the purpose of life and the divine. Without a hint of dogma they candidly discuss everything from hormones to heaven, deflate misperceptions and stereotypes at every turn, and make a strong case for a more tolerant America.

 Who Do You Say That I Am? (DVD, 20 minutes) This video, converted from filmstrip, portrays the variety of ways in which Jesus has been and is perceived through the eyes of artists in different times and places. mes and places.

Prayer Resources:  

Praying in the Midst of Life series: (6 videos, each 23 minutes. with the following titles)

Our questions about prayer?

Finding God

Knowing God’s Will

Praying the Scripture

Learning the Breath Prayer

Retreating at any time.

Bread (VHS only, 12 minutes) This prayer meditation contrasts hunger and justice in the first and third worlds. It talks of guilt and feeling pressure to give in response to images of starvation and then looks for what the teachings of Jesus offer as direction and solace. A challenging thoughtful meditative piece

One (VHS only, 10 minutes) Music, images, and a few brief words blend harmoniously to inspire a profound sense of interdependence and interconnectedness of all life.



 Gifts to Share (VHS only; 23 minutes) Four short clown skits about gifts and giving showing we all have gifts to share.

1) Clown without a gift

2) Freed to Share

3) The Pleaser

4) The Great Offering

 In Partnership (VHS only; 15 minutes) Features footage of the church at work in the world today and yesterday. It looks at four main areas of work for the Division of World Outreach.


 Mission and Service Fund Projects:

A collection of stories can be found on the following:

Mission and Service (DVD, 30 minutes)

Receiving and Giving: Stories of Mission in Action (VHS, 30 minutes)

Names of Money (VHS only, 12 minutes) Intended to assist people in thinking about their money in Christian terms – how the use of money indicates the priorities in their lives.

 Mission and Service Stories 2012 (DVD, 50 minutes) This DVD offers 19 video clips of stories of how the United Church of Canada supports ministries and projects close to home and around the world through contributions to the Mission and Service Fund. The clips range in length from 1:10 to 5:15 minutes, and include stories from St. John’s, Cuba, and the Phillipines; stories about silent worship, HIV patients, and building schools; and stories that inspire and encourage our support of mission and service.


Places of Worship (DVD or VHS; 16 minutes) Provides an overview of the history of architecture of Christian places of worship. Followed by a description of how the design of a worship space can enable participation in the worship service. (16 minutes)     

 Christian Year (The) (VHS only; 60 minutes) The seasons of the Christian year are highlighted in six segments (10 minutes each) which can be used individually.

 Finding Your Way (VHS only; 10 minutes) Stories of people who talk about how they have come to the United Church at critical moments in their lives and why they have stayed.   One of the resources for the “Steps in a Journey” series. (10 minutes)

 Steps in a Journey (DVD or VHS; 30 minutes) Produced to accompany the print magazine by the same title. Ralph Milton hosts this video. Both the magazine and video are intended to convey a sense of what the United Church believes and means to its members. A useful tool for church orientation and membership classes, as well as for groups interested in discussing United Church beliefs and practice.



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