Is there any food more polarizing than raisins? It seems to be either love or hate when it comes to those dried grapes. You never hear someone say “I kind of like raisins” or “Raisins are okay.” Nope, no middle of the road here. I must admit that I have been on a bit of a non-raisin recipe posting kick but just in case you raisin lovers are starting to feel neglected, this one’s for you!

The following recipes were written in the back of a minute book of the Dr. Mina MacKenzie WMS Auxiliary from Pictou United.

Leave a comment on this post in favor of or against raisins. Even better, you can post one of your favorite raisin recipes. You never know, that might be all it takes to bring someone else into the raisin fold.

Raisin Loaf from Pictou United


Raisin Pie from Pictou United