St. Andrew’s United Church is located in Chatham, Northumberland County, New Brunswick.


Postcard of St. John's Presbyterian Church, Chatham, 1907

Postcard of St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Chatham, 1907

The first church in Chatham was the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. It was built in 1817 at the corner of Water Street and St. Andrew Street. The first minister to administer church services was the Rev. James Thomsom. A second St. Andrew’s Church building was built in 1870 at the southeast corner of Wellington Street and Henderson Street, which is the current location of St. Andrew’s United Church.

Due to disagreements within the Presbyterian community in 1831, another church was built and named St. John’s Presbyterian Church. This church was located at the northeast corner of University Avenue and Church Street. In 1921, St. Andrew’s Church and St. John’s Church united to become the United Church of St. Andrew and St. John.


Chatham Methodist baptism register, 1832-1833

Chatham Methodist baptism register, 1832-1833

A Methodist Church was dedicated in Chatham on July 31, 1831 and was located on the southwest corner of Duke Street and Cunard Street. The building was damaged in 1845 and repaired. A new building built on Wellington Street and dedicated on August 2, 1886.

Chatham first appeared as a separate circuit in 1875. Before this time, Chatham was part of the Miramichi Circuit.

United Church:

Postcard of St Andrews United Church, Chatham, c. 1980

Postcard of St Andrews United Church, Chatham, c. 1980

In 1926, St. Luke’s Methodist Church united with the United Church of St. Andrew and St. John (Presbyterian) to become the United Church of Chatham and began meeting in the former St. Andrew’s and St. John building. The Methodist church building was used for Sunday School and youth groups. The United Church was renamed St. Andrew’s United Church in 1966.

After a fire at Chatham in 1975-1976, the church building was burned. The current building was dedicated 4 June 1978.

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